Class Delegate

  extended by org.shiftone.jrat.provider.tree.Delegate

public class Delegate
extends java.lang.Object

This is basically a thread specific MethodHandler. The typical JRat model is to have a seperate handler for each method. This is also true for the TreeMethodHandler, however that handler delegates to an instance of this class, passing it the method key with each invocation. One instance of this class will exist for each thread that is creating JRat events. This class manipulates a tree structure as invocations are made.

Author: (Jeff Drost)

Constructor Summary
Delegate(TreeNode rootNode)
Method Summary
 void onMethodFinish(MethodKey methodKey, long duration, boolean success)
 void onMethodStart(MethodKey methodKey)
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Constructor Detail


public Delegate(TreeNode rootNode)
Method Detail


public final void onMethodStart(MethodKey methodKey)


public final void onMethodFinish(MethodKey methodKey,
                                 long duration,
                                 boolean success)