Java Runtime Analysis Toolkit


JRat the Java Runtime Analysis Toolkit

What is it?

The Java Runtime Analysis Toolkit is a low overhead, easy to use, open source performance profiler for the Java platform. JRat monitors an application's execution and persists performance measurements. This data can then be viewed and analyzed using the JRat Desktop, a Swing application.

How do I start using it?

Read the The Quick Start Guide . It contains step-by-step instructions on how to use JRat for the first time. It's easy.

What's new?

Lots. This project is again being actively developed. Read some of the highlights here .

Where do I get it?

The latest official release on is quite old but stable. The current development release has all the latest features and is more representative of the documentation on this site.

Want to see a demo?

Run the Web Start Demo now! This link will launch the JRat Desktop and then load a sample data set from a run of Tomcat 6.

Where do I get more information?